Movie Theater Themes For Basement Finishing Man Caves

It would be a wonderful idea to turn your basement into something useful and one way to do that would be to make it a movie theater. There are many basement finishing movie theater items you can put there and one of them is movie posters of classic movies. It would be great to choose your favorite movies as it depends on which genre is your favorite. Do you like horror? Action?

Maybe a romantic comedy? How about a mix of all of those genres? It could even depend on your favorite Hollywood stars so the movie posters can contain movies from Bruce Willis or even Bruce Campbell. Don’t forget to frame those movie posters so visitors would know the type of movies you like. Don’t be ashamed to put classic movies from 40 years ago to the place. In addition, put reclining chairs there so you can relax while watching a movie.

The number of chairs you put there would depend on how big your family is. It would also depend on how often you get visitors. If you usually get lots of visitors, then ten would be enough. The chairs should be so comfortable that you may end up sleeping while sitting on them. Of course, that should never be the intention but that is always possible due to how comfortable they are to sit on.

Don’t forget to put a place where you can put your popcorn and drinks. The flooring must be carpeted too as it must be pretty comfortable to walk on. If there are not many people in the basement, you can even take your shoes off. Besides, you would want to be relaxed while watching a movie. It is a great way to relieve stress. Don’t forget to regularly clean your carpet too. If it gets too dirty, you may get sick from it. It is normal for your pet’s hair to get stuck on it so better vacuum it regularly.

How about that giant screen LCD TV where you can show the movie? It must be at least 55″ long so many people can watch it. It would not make sense for it to be the type of TV that you put in living rooms. No matter how good the movie is, don’t get too close to the TV. The sound system must be nice too. It should be a top-notch home theater system so the sound should be heard all over the basement.

Besides, you would want to experience movies like it is happening right before your very eyes. If you plan on watching a 3D movie, you should also have 3D glasses there. Besides, it would not make sense to watch a 3D movie without your 3D glasses. Another item you must put in your basement to make it look like a movie theater would be a fridge where you can put drinks. Yes, but all types of drinks there like water, beer, and wine. Those drinks will make your viewing experience a complete one.